Friday, 27 March 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Live in the City

Last week we compiled a list of reasons why we love small towns, but there's lots of great things about settling in more densely populated areas of the North Okanagan.  To be fair, let's start with our TOP 5 REASONS TO LIVE IN THE CITY:

5. Cuisine - There's nothing like being able to pop downtown to satisfy a late-night sushi craving, and your chances of being able to do this increase significantly when you live in a city.  More restaurants, more variety, and longer business hours are all reasons we love the convenience of city-living.

4. Amenities - Higher population areas offer residents a range of amenities that small towns simply can't match.  This increased selection of recreation and education opportunities make a city more appealing to families seeking a community to help them thrive.

3. Services - Hospitals, police stations and civic organizations are much more abundant in cities.  Knowing that help is close by in the event of an emergency can be huge motivator for older folks deciding where to buy real estate.

2. City Transportation - Helping to reduce the carbon footprint, city transportation authorities give residents the option to be part of the pollution solution. 

1. Competition - Business owners know that it takes a big fish to survive in a big pond, and to grow their business, entrepreneurs are compelled to approach their clients more creatively, with competitive service and competitive pricing.

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*Based on MLS unit sales as reported by OMREB in 2014 for North Okanagan.

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